14 Dec 2023

'Majra' Sheds Light on Importance of Green Skills for a Sustainable Future

The workshop titled “Sustainable Futures: Navigating Green ESG Skills for Young Professionals” convened an international diverse panel of experts and young minds from different universities across the UAE into the pivotal role of green skills in today’s job market and their significance in fostering a sustainable world.

The panel discussion, moderated by Dana Kamali, Chief Business Officer of Majra – National CSR Fund, featured esteemed experts including Safa El Tayeb El Kogali, Country Director for the GCC at the World Bank; Jörg Eigendorf, Chief Sustainability Officer at Deutsche Bank and Ejaj Ahmad, Founder CEO of the Global Youth Leadership Centre.

The diverse panel brought multifaceted insights, addressing challenges in climate mitigation, advocating for inclusive approaches to green skills development and proposing actionable solutions.

The workshop aimed to shed light on the critical need for green skills, emphasising their impact on job market resilience and career prospects. The event tackled the rapid evolution of sustainability and green technologies, identifying the pressing gap between the demand for qualified professionals and the awareness surrounding the importance of these skills among individuals, organisations, and educational institutions.

Recognising the pivotal role of the younger generation as stewards of our future, the workshop aimed to equip attendees with a comprehensive understanding of green skills. Through engaging discussions and insights shared by industry leaders, participants gained a global perspective on the relevance of green skills and a wide spectrum of career opportunities available in this field.

Key discussions revolved around anticipating and adapting to industry evolution, emphasising the importance of both technical expertise and soft skills like leadership in the green economy.

Panelists also shared real-life experiences and initiatives driving the green transition, highlighting practical aspects that are crucial for every individual to consider for effective change. The workshop not only underscored the urgency of embracing green skills but also emphasized the responsibility of future generations in shaping a sustainable world.

Attendees left the event inspired, equipped with insights and ready to contribute to the global shift towards sustainability.

Dana Kamali said,

“Embracing ESG is not just a choice; it's an imperative for our collective future. Guiding this transformative journey, the UAE government, through Majra, takes a leading role—launching manuals and training to ensure people are better equipped to thrive in the future job market while championing sustainability. Hosting a distinguished panel of international speakers at COP 28 to highlight the importance of Green Skills, underscores the universality of this essential journey toward a sustainable future.”

El Kogali said,

“you don’t have to be an engineer or a scientist to do something for the planet, you could be anyone, even an artist can help with the planet. You need to know what impact you are making and how to ensure you do it sustainably.”

Jörg Eigendorf said,

“You may think, that you need engineering, accounting or risk skills to become a Chief Sustainability Officer. And yes, it's very useful if you know how to run a business and have good technical or communication skills. But I truly believe that one of the most important skills to have in order to be successful as a CSO is the ability to bring people together and to retain curiosity and passion for the topic in addition to discipline. You won’t have all the answers but you must be able to rally the experts behind a greater idea.”

Ejaj Ahmad said,

“To tackle the climate crisis it’s imperative that we equip youth with leadership and green skills and engage them in climate action. Investing in youth leadership today is critical to ensuring that the next generation will take right climate-friendly decisions tomorrow in government, business and civil sectors.”