Terms And Conditions

General Introduction to the scope of the terms and conditions :

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) UAE platform is the official federal platform for all businesses operating in the UAE and was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on November 26, 2019. With a view to implementing the Social Responsibility Path according to the UAE Government's Year of Giving - 2017 Strategy, the Corporate Social Responsibility Fund was set up under Cabinet's Resolution number (2) of 2008, through a CSR Smart Platform, in which companies, listing entities are incorporated. The objective of the platform is to organize and coordinate the Social Responsibility at UAE level and link companies wishing to participate in Social Responsibility with entities seeking funding to implement Social Responsibility Projects (Listing Entities).

Registration of Companies and Social Responsibility Programs and Projects on the Platform:

  • Companies, firms and Social Responsibility Programs and Projects may be registered on the Platform online as follows:-
  • Fill in the Registration form on the Platform online and enter data and documents in a complete and accurate manner so as to participate in the Social Responsibility Projects.
  • Companies shall observe terms, conditions and requirements of Cabinet's Resolution number (2) of 2018 on Corporate Social Responsibility and Resolutions issued by the Fund Board of Trustees.
  • Companies and Listing Entities are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of any data, information, and document submitted online on the Platform and for any trueness and accuracy of disclosures issued in this regard.
  • Social contribution shall be paid through various payment channels available on the Smart Platform.
  • Companies and Listing Entities shall automatically obtain a username and password once the registration process is completed.
  • On completion of registration, companies shall be granted a participating member label in the Social Responsibility Platform.
  • Companies registered on the Platform may access the Platform, navigate through its content, participate in the social responsibility projects listed on the platform and compete with each other to obtain:
    • CSR Label with different categories according to the conditions and controls set by the Board of Trustees, by submitting an application on the Platform to obtain the Label. The Label is granted to companies excelling in CSR, after an assessment by a specialized committee based on standards set by the Board of Trustees.
    • SCR Passport for companies according to the conditions and controls set by the Board of Trustees, by submitting an application on the Platform to obtain the Passport. The Passport is granted to companies excelling in CSR, after an assessment by a specialized committee based on standards set by the Board of Trustees
    • Companies enjoy benefits and privileges prescribed for the registration in the platform. Further, companies which obtained a label or passport shall enjoy benefits and privileges related to such label or passport as defined by the controls, conditions and standards set by the Board of Trustees.

Terms and conditions of Contribution in CSR Projects listed in the Platform:

  • Companies and firms wishing to participate in the Listed CSR Projects may select the project and fill in the contribution form.
  • The contribution fees shall be deposited into the Project-related bank account.
  • Companies may access all implementation phases of the project in which they contributed through the periodic progress reports made available by the listing entity, and through the direct communication with the listing entity.
  • Companies and forms are granted scores on Social Responsibility Index against their contribution in CSR programs and projects listed on the Platform and may access the balance points at any time through their relevant account page.

Obligations of Listing Entities:

  • Listing entities shall submit the details of the project or program via the federal or local government entity to which they are subject according to the form listed the platform in Arabic and English languages. Such entity shall ensure that projects are responsibly managed and that the available information is true.
  • Proposals for projects and programs are subject to approval by the Board of Trustees prior to their listing on the platform.
  • Only projects to be executed in the U.A.E are eligible to be listed on the CSR platform.
  • Project implementation shall start within 60 days from the date stated in the project proposal form. Failure to do so may result in suspending the project listing on the CSR Platform, unless a statement indicating the reasons for delay is submitted to the satisfaction of the Board of Trustees.
  • Listing entity shall open a separate account with any bank operating in the UAE and no amounts shall be cashed from such account only in favor of the project and according to the requirements as approved by the Fund.
  • The legal representative of the listing entity shall make a declaration to appoint a project auditor if so required by the Fund or otherwise requested by the Board of Trustees.
  • In case of surplus after the finalization of the project according to the work plan, the listing entity shall refund such amounts in favor of the Fund and according to the following procedures:
    • On completion of the project, issue a detailed report and final account for the Fund and Company participating in the Project, stating the end of the project and the available cash excess amount.
    • Transfer the cash excess amount in the Fund bank account, within five business days from the date of final detailed account of the project.
  • It is not permitted to use the funds of the project in contradiction with the approved project proposal form.
  • The project proposing entities/listing entities shall submit a progress report for the project and made them available on the platform as agreed upon in the project proposal. The Fund may require the submission of additional detailed reports, if necessary.
  • The project proposing entities / listing entities shall provide all project details and the phases of its implementation to companies and firms contributing in such project.
  • In case of project cancellation, the listing entity shall immediately inform the Fund and redirect the amounts received into the Fund bank account.
  • The listing entity shall provide a detailed summary of the project once finalized supported by photos and documents on the project success to be listed in the platform as success story.
  • By registering on the platform, the company, firm or listing entity declares that it accepts all terms and conditions stated therein.

Services provided by the platform:

  • Registration services to all companies and firms in the UAE as well as project proposing/listing entities.
  • Instructions and procedures for registration on the platform for the purpose of contributing to corporate social responsibility projects.
  • Selection criteria for projects to which CSR applies and eligible for listing on the platform.
  • Instructions and procedures for proposal of listing CSR projects on the platform.
  • Instructions and procedures for contributing to listed CSR projects.
  • CSR benefits and privileges.
  • Terms and conditions for award of CSR Label and Passport.

Contribution Currency :

  • Members shall contribute in social responsibility projects in UAE Dirhams.

Responsibility :

  • Project proposing entity / listing entity shall be responsible for the project management in all stages and shall keep at all times the proper documentation relevant to planning, implementing and operating the project.
  • Project proposing entity / listing entity shall remain liable for all documents, data, procedures and financial accounts and shall follow up the project with the implementing entity, if any.
  • Project proposing entity / listing entity shall be liable for any violation, loss or extra costs arising out of the implementation of the projects.
  • Terms and Conditions for Cancelling a project or contribution:
  • A project listed on the platform may be cancelled if the project proposing entities / listing entities wishes to do so, provided that that the project is not under implementation and does not result in any rights or liabilities on any other parties.
  • The Fund may reject the entry of any project into the platform in case it is in breach of controls and criteria as set by the Board of Trustees or if the public interest requires so.
  • The Board of Trustees may cancel any project listed on the platform and transfer the amounts deposited by the Company or firm from the project account to an account of another project listed on the platform after the consent of such company or form or otherwise to the Fund account, in case the listing entity violates the controls and criteria set by the Board of Trustees in this respect.
  • Project proposing entities / listing entities shall notify the Board of Trustees in case of project suspension or violation of the criteria and controls issued by the Board of Trustees in order to take the proper action in this regard.

Terms and Conditions for Cancelling the registration in the platform:

A registration in the platform is deeded cancelled in the following cases:

  • If the licensing issued by a local authority in the emirate is cancelled.
  • If the provisions, instructions, standards, or controls of the CSR platform or related legislations are violated.
  • If any data, information or document submitted on the platform and/or disclosure declarations are found untrue.

Terms and Conditions for the usage of CSR Platform:

  • The rules for using the website and application of CSR Platform shall apply to all users and visitors. The website usage may be stopped, prevented, and/or ended in case of any violation on the part of any user or if there are good reasons to believe that a user has violated rules and conditions of usage.
  • Users shall not be permitted to violate or attempt to violate the applicable procedures and regulations for protecting the CSR platform website and application, including but not limited to the following:
  • Attempting to conduct any test or survey to find weakness of the smart platform website and application or violating applicable procedures or documenting the same without official permit from the Fund.
  • Attempting to interfere in the service provided to any user, host or network, including but not limited to placing a virus on the website/application of CSR Platform, increasing load to or immersing it, sending commercial messages to it or avalanching it with electronic messages or even destroying it.
  • Sending unwanted electronic messages to the website including commercials and/or advertisements on services or products or falsifying any dispatch control protocol package, address/internet protocol or any part of the address details in any electronic message or sending news messages.
  • Using website/application of CSR Platform by any means for sending an email, anything of it or on its behalf, by referring to it, or assuming the identity of its name involving offense or libel or otherwise announcing any untrue news or information.
  • Reproducing, reprinting marketing or promoting any information or data without prior consent of the Fund.
  • Publishing or republish any CSR-related data or information without prior consent of the Fund.
  • Use or imitate any sign, colour, mark or logo related to the corporate social responsibility.
  • Any violation to the rules of usage, system or network shall expose the perpetrator to civil and criminal liability. Cases of such violations shall be investigated, and the person involved shall be legally prosecuted.

Amendment of Terms & Conditions:

The Fund reserves its right to amend or alter any terms and conditions at any time and will publish the last updated version of terms and conditions on the platform website.

Terms of File Uploading Policy:

The terms and policies for uploading files, modules and tools on CSR electronic platform ensure that all members have free direct uploading of any attachment file to any subject on the platform that one is allowed to upload which is relevant to the member regardless of the size or type of the file. All you have to do is to wait until the “Upload File” icon appears then click on “Upload File” and the process will immediately begin. You may also use or otherwise upload the file any number of times, but you may not transfer nor republish the attached file in any other website or entity without a written consent of the Fund. You can, however, share the link of the subject or page if you wish with mentioning that the source is the Fund/ Smart Platform.

Declaration :

By registering in the CSR Platform, you agree that any information you provide through the website is complete, accurate and true and that you will not register, attempt to log in the website using a name of another person or firm nor assume another username. In case of any violation, the Fund may take all the necessary actions.