About Us

Who we are

National CSR Fund “Majra” is the federal arm setting up the framework and governance for Sustainable Impact, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the UAE, while managing and directing efforts from the business sector towards UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and National Priorities, aligned with Environment, Social and Governance metrics (ESG). It unifies efforts from various stakeholders to magnify sustainable impact.

CSR UAE Fund was formed under the UAE Ministerial Cabinet Decision No. 2 for 2018

Majra launches national priority projects, verifies UAE-based sustainable impact projects, and provides opportunities for the business sector to collaborate, invest in and contribute to them. It certifies and awards corporates for their CSR and Sustainable Impact practices.

UAE Ministerial Cabinet decree no.2 /2018

Our Vision

To establish the UAE as the global driver of Sustainable Impact

Our Mission

To accelerate Sustainable Impact in the UAE by empowering stakeholders through developing frameworks, raising awareness, creating opportunities, and certifying efforts via active partnerships.

About the Director

Nuha Mohamed Safar Al Haramoudi

Director of National CSR Fund (Majra)

Nuha Safar is an accomplished Emirati public servant with over 20 years of experience in organizational and corporate communication strategies, international and local affairs management,  and CSR. She currently serves as the Director of Majra- National CSR Fund, a federal entity responsible for promoting sustainable impact and CSR in the UAE. Nuha previously held various positions in public and private sector, such as Heading the Corporate Communication for Majid Al Futtaim properties , an integrated lifestyle provider with brands across industries such as shopping malls,  Hotels, Cinema, Hypermarket. Prior to that, she worked at Dubai Chamber of Commerce &Industry, overseeing corporate communication, external affairs, and customer service centers while spearheading Dubai-based business and CSR initiatives.

In addition to her professional roles, Nuha has made significant contributions to the community. She played a key role in establishing Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award and forging partnerships with respected charitable organizations. She has served on various boards, including the Dubai Brand Council, UAE Advertisers Business Group, Friends of Cancer Patients, Forte Management Consultancy, Dubai Community Theater and Arts Centre DUCTAC, Al Noor Training Centre and she was a member in the advisory board of New Zealand trade Enterprise. She’s currently a member at the National Anti-Narcotics Council.

She holds an Executive Master Degree in Positive Leadership and Strategy from IE University – Madrid, Spain, Higher Diploma in Business Administration from the Higher Colleges of  Technology – Dubai Women’s College, Diploma in Behavioral Economics - University of Chicago / Institute of Behavioral Insight and graduated from Mohammad Bin Rashid Program for Leadership Development. Nuha is a certified trainer by British International Academy for Training and Development.

Strategic Goals


Increase community awareness of social responsibility.


Activate sustainable development partnerships between the public and private sector.


Develop social responsibility frameworks to regulate and enhance social responsibility


Create a reward system for corporations and business entities


Direct corporate contributions towards sustainable development projects in line with UAE priorities and the sustainable development goals.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee, led by His Excellency Abdullah Al Saleh, serves as a channel to activate public-private sector partnerships through social responsibility committees in each emirate led by the Chambers of Commerce.

Auditing and Risk Committee

The Auditing and Risk Committee. aims to ensure the effectiveness of internal and external auditing and internal monitoring systems, as well as oversee the governance of the committees and risk management.

Policies and Strategies Committee

The Policies and Strategies Committee tasked with shaping the Fund's governance system and ensuring the implementation of best practices in drafting legislations focused on social responsibility and sustainability.

Projects and Funding Committee

The Projects and Funding Committee aims to approve funding projects aligned with the UAE's national priorities and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.